Steps, Ramps, Fascias, Skirting, Gates, Caps and Lighting – everything from the Fitrite Accessories range can be mixed and matched to create something totally unique. With colours matched to each other, your existing outdoor space or even your house, the Fitrite range has you covered.


Our range of decorative, classic or contemporary caps adds another visual dimension to your Fitrite Fencing. This attention to detail is one that makes the range stand out in the market, allowing customer to add their own personal touch to the design.

Balustrade top rail
Horse Post Cap

Horse Post Cap

Ball Post Cap

Ball Post Cap

New England Post Cap

New England Post Cap

Gothic Post Cap

Gothic Post Cap


Elegant steps are available for where increased accessibility is required. With the use of the Fitrite Angle Wizard no angle is too tricky to install.


Discrete ramps that blend effortlessly into your decking disable or assisted access, meaning that everyone can enjoy your outdoor space no matter their mobility.


A wide choice of gate styles in a variety of finishes that coordinate perfectly. Another great way to add depth and volume to your decking area, whilst proving that extra element of privacy as well as safety for young children and pets.

White gate, contrasting against Anthracite deckboard

Gate in Anteak

Anteak gate contrasting against Cedar deck

Cherry wood gate with Silver birch deck

White gate with Horse Post Caps


Enhance the style of your decking by concealing the subframe and drainage you may have installed without permanently removing access.


The EasyConnect lighting system by Fitrite is perfect for any environment, whether it’s around your garden or your park home. From flush-mounted deck lights to wall-bloom spotlights, even garland lighting and colour-changing LEDs, the EasyConnect range has you covered.



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