Deck Replacement A Better Option Than Deck Restoration?

The rails jiggle, the nails are popping, and my mum just limped in with a splinter.

Choosing whether to replace your deck or restore can see am a hard decision. Decks can wear over time and it is important to ensure that your deck is not currently in need of repairs or needs replacing entirely. However, also remember the importance of having a safe surface and be honest with yourself about your decking needs. Highlighted below are some key tips and things to consider before deciding on the correct decision for you.

Deck Restoration

Deck restoration can sometimes seem a less expensive cost and quicker way to upgrade your deck, however, it may only be a temporary fix to your decking issue. Below you will find a few things you might want to consider before choosing deck restoration.

  • Time Consuming

Fixing and maintaining a wooden deck, for example, can be extremely time-consuming, fitting a wooden deck can take up to 2 days on your own, maintaining a deck which has already been down for a number of years can take even longer!

  • Current Infrastructure

If your deck has been down for a long period of time or maybe it was already there before you moved in, the built base of your deck could be outdated standards meaning if you replace the deck it may not be supported on the current infrastructure and could arise more problems.

  • Post Connections

Railings, fencing or posts which have been fixed for a while may become unstable after many years of been fitted, which may mean they may not be able to be restored and have to be completely replaced.

Deck Replacement

When choosing deck replacement over restoration, there are many factors in which to consider.

The initial cost of a full deck replacement may be more expensive rather than restoration, but they are many factors into which contribute to this.

Firstly, a wooden deck compared to a PVCu deck will not last as long, therefore a PVCu deck shall give you overall better value for money over the years especially with the Fitrite 10-year warranty.

If you’re deck has the following, a deck replacement is likely to suit you better than a deck restoration.

  • Deckboards have started to rot and decay
  • Deck been built based on outdated standards
  • Severe, noticeable structural damage
  • Any Fencing, Balustrading or railings have become unreliable

If your deck could benefit from any of the benefits of a deck replacement, get in touch with Fitrite now, and see how you could transform your outdoor living area quicker and easier than you ever thought.

We offer a deck replacement service and many different payment options to help you get your dream garden.

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