At Fitrite, we pride ourselves on having amazing customer service from the moment a customer contacts us all the way through until after installation – we help our customers bring their projects to life and design their ideal outdoor space with them.


The previous deck had been laid down for many years, which the customer had done by themselves; This was a wooden deck with matching wooden balustrades. As can be seen in the first photograph, maintaining the deck had proven to be difficult for him and the customer wanted something which was going to be much easier to maintain. One of the problems with maintaining a wooden decking board is the grooves which run lengthways along them catch and retain moisture, leading to the rapid build-up of mould and algae. The reason for these grooves is to improve the slip resistance, although this only helps in a single direction when traversing the boards. Regular cleaning can mitigate against this build-up of slippery algae, however the more regularly it is cleaned, the more regularly the wood needs to be maintained with varnish. Fitrite decking requires virtually no maintenance, yet does not compromise on its slip resistance, having BS7976-2 non-slip certification in all directions.


Another problem identified was the reduction in structural integrity which came from the wood slowly rotting. The British Standard BS6399-1 tests the suitability of balustrades to prevent people from falling, and with the height of the decking area above the garden suitable balustrading was a necessity for this project. As Fitrite products never rot, and we have BS6399-1 certification, our balustrades were perfect as a replacement. Moreover, as the customer had a hot tub that lived on the deck, it was important that when this was full of water it’s weight would never prove a danger. The strength and non-slip nature of Fitrite boards was perfect for this project.


Our customer then chose the colours which suited his project best – in this case a dark grey Anthracite to complement the existing slate tiling found on the garage roof. To go with the dark decking was a white diamond picket giving a clean, high-contrast look and matching the style of his existing double glazing. Low-maintenance post-caps and an elegant staircase – extending the stairs into the garden for a shallower gradient with larger treads – completed the design phase.


The Fitrite Approved Installers spent time carefully removing the old decking and disposing of it responsibly, then got to work installing a new subframe. Once this was done the Fitrite products could be fitted, taking care to ensure the hot tub was refitted into place with minimal inconvenience to the customer.


Our customer now has a fantastic-looking, timeless deck befitting of his property. The benefit of this new deck will be that it fits his current needs entirely and fits his future needs perfectly.