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Product Focus- Approved Installer

 A before and after transformation, highlighting the importance of just how crucial it is to make sure that a deck is fitted correctly by an installer who understands the unique style and design that comes with Fitrite products. The previous deck had been installed by a tradesman who was not familiar with the Fitrite [...]

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Top tips to get your garden ready for spring

De-weed the jungle If your garden is looking like a film set from the jungle book then it's time to get de-weeding! Pull out dead flowers and twigs, mow the overgrown patches and sweep up any unsightly mould and leaves gathered. If you've got a Fitrite deck already, it'll just need a quick wash to [...]

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Water Resistant Garden Lighting explained

The IP67 Specification Easy Connect outdoor garden lighting system comes with many advanced specifications, but the one that has everyone talking is the IP67 waterproof garden lighting capability. Here’s everything you need to know… The International Protection Rating, sometimes also interpreted as Ingress Protection Rating consists of the letters IP followed by two digits [...]

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