Safety Conscious Decking Design

May 21st, 2020 by
Making sure your garden can be enjoyed by everyone is one of the most important objectives when it comes to a revamp of your outdoor space; especially when it comes to thinking about your family life or maybe any older relatives which come and visit!

Making sure those in their early or later years aren’t at risk of an easy slip or trip is fairly simple with Fitrite. Within this blog we cover a few tips to keep your decking safe as possible.


If you’re intending on using your deck for activities likely to result in a wet surface – such as a poolside deck – you need to ensure that your decking doesn’t get slippery when wet!

Of course if you live in the UK, you might find that your deck is wet more frequently than other climates. It’s not just when the deck is in use that it is important to think about slips. If your deck is in a place that provides access to doors, garages or outside bins you may find yourself in a vulnerable position manoeuvring over slippery boards.

The slip resistance of the Fitrite deckboard combines with its water-resistant properties to offer a perfect surface for even the wettest of climates.


The Fitrite pvc deck boards are also ideal for constructing entrance ramps to increase accessibility without compromising on safety or style. Allowing any style or colour combination possible to suit your style.

Our Fitrite ramps are perfect for anyone with disability issues or if you just in fact need one for easier access, not to forgot they are non-slip!

Load Rating – For Balustrades

Barriers and balustrades aren’t just to make the deck look pretty. While they add a certain finishing touch to your deck, they also act as an important safety feature. According to regulations, barriers or balustrades should always be installed where there is a difference in ground level greater than 600mm. The BS 6399-1 certification tests the suitability of balustrades by imposing extreme pressure at various points along it – if you have ever thought that the wooden spindles or pickets on a deck could be easily broken, this is probably not a test they would pass!

You need to have peace of mind that the posts won’t snap when encountering a charging toddler or a large, excitable dog. Even if wooden pickets are sturdy when they are first installed, it’s not always a guarantee they will remain like this when the rot sets in.


Making sure you have the best possible lighting to your outdoor deck its certainly the way to make the most out of your decking area! It can also be a great way to bring your deck to life when the sun goes down, not forgetting it can be a fantastic way to illuminate potential hazards to deck dwellers.

When adding built-in deck lights to your decking design it is an effective way to highlight decking edges around the perimeter, while they can also be used to great effect on steps and stairs to accentuate their presence.

For any elderly family and friends that may suffer from deteriorating eyesight, this can be particularly useful and help limit potential trips and falls by warning of changing height levels.

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